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Bird’s Eyeview

When I was young I did not imagine myself studying Chemical Engineering or MBA. Yes I liked numbers but I was fascinated by the glamor of the fashion industry and I did try applying to study at the best of fashion institutes in India. Unfortunately I was rejected by all those big institutes!! Now I realize that good I did not go for it because I definitely like my Finance career more and I am certainly not designed to be a designer!

While applying for the fashion study programs, I went to an art class where they told us what all will be asked in the entrance examination like a cheat sheet of such institutes (NID, NIFT, I even tried CEPT for architecture). It goes without saying that absolutely nothing that we were so confidently taught about was ever asked in any of those exams! I do not recall what exactly was asked but it was totally different, there are no cheat sheets for art/creative exams, there shouldn’t be, spoils all the fun out of it. An element of surprise, well captured into imagination at that moment says it all. If you are not cut out for it, you are gone. For me, I am the kind of person who works on notes, be it studying or a to do list, I have to be clear in my mind for tasks in hand, working with abstract ideas or out of the box thinking would have never aligned with my way of thinking, blink blink!! What was that? That was… What was I thinking? Chapter closed, move on!

Wait can’t close the chapter just yet! Coming to the blog topic, it is “bird’s eyeview” in case you have forgotten about it by now, it is something I remembered from that art class. They wanted us to draw a papaya from a bird’s eyeview and then from an ant’s eyeview. Vague, right? Was it in the exam? No. But it taught an important life lesson! Really? Yes!! It made me realize that keeping a focus on the bird’s eyeview and not getting stuck with the ant’s eyeview is so important in life. Wherever you are in your journey towards achieving your goals in life, it is so easy to loose focus off those goals when that journey becomes challenging, when it changes gears & takes paths you never thought about when you started. It is at this time that a bird’s eyeview picture should be drawn in mind seeking the root cause to the events that are taking place and how they will affect the big picture. You may end up learning that it was actually good those challenges came along your way at that time itself or something even worse could have happened later on if you missed learning that lesson. It is this birds eyeview that will make you fly ultimately.

Connecting this to the designer infatuation mentioned above, if you are not good at one field, try something else, to find the answer on what else, keep trying, search within you, the answer is always there, you just have to find it. Giving up while you are looking at an issue from an ant’s eyeview, when it is at its biggest form, all zoomed in is like letting go of your dream at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. Always zoom out and see how it will affect you down the lane towards achievement of your goal. And to see how it will affect, now that is where you need the ant’s eyeview, to analyse, to look within.

Goals, priorities keep changing in life with different phases of life but keeping that hope alive, enjoying and learning from your own journey and having the faith in the big picture that God has painted for you in His mind is the key to heaven, caught you, is the key to happiness! Your own happiness you silly :))


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January 25, 2021